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Your work is very very good!!


Thank you! ( : 

Here’s my piece for a Nintendo Charity Auction taking place tmrw. I sculpted Ness from Earthbound and I’m really excited to share this with you guys.

He’s 6 x 4, made with Super sculpey clay and painted with heavy body acrylic paint. I painted him in this traditional attire and he’s standing on the Onett emblem from Smash Bros. 

Online bidding starts April 25th to May 16th and there are a ton more beautiful pieces featuring characters from the Nintendo family such as Zelda, Pokemon, and Mario. All proceeds will go to the Morgan Center for Autism. So come check it out!! ( : 

Press Start: A Nintendo Charity Auction

Many thanks to the Shrunkenheadman Charity Committee for putting this together. 

I’ve been painting and studying!! 

this came out of me the other day.

let’s keep this ball rolling. 

masterstudy of nicolai fechin’s alexandra belkovich. 

fell in love with fechin this summer. 

i’m halfway. (: here are some of my favorite pages from my summer sketchbook. i have to turn it in at the end of break for review, so it was pretty daunting to begin. but as wise friends have said, after the you get thru the first 10 pages, starting gets easier. 

i’m looking forward to the rest of summer, making even more progress, traveling, and seeing new things. 

Here’s my forest. I am hoping this is the last pass… 

Fun stufffff. (:  

here’s an updated version of my forest. even tho i spent hours on this, it didn’t feel like work at all. (: i’m still not satisfied with the background; probably will lighten it up a bit to let more light in. 

i’m excited to started to paint this! and when i’m say excited, i mean mostly terrified. 

small study done last month.